El Ourika Valley

It competed ' Ourika ' tourist area of global areas that attract foreign visitors and tourists, who prefer Odhawwa 'Eureka' area in a number of tourist areas worldwide. Many have contributed 

From what can be done from the " Ourika " area of a few basins of tasks within the chain of the High Atlas, or "Atlas of Marrakesh" as it is called. 
The importance of «Eureka» is derived from Marrakech 
Site «Eureka» increase between large Atlas note at the foot of the North, which does not exceed 1,000 meters and axial series that shines the summit of Toubkal (4165 meters), most importantly, make them important tourist sites. And more and more importantly the geographical proximity to the residential community and a major tourist, represented by the red city of Marrakech that increase 'Eureka' area beautiful and well. These data corroborate Mohammed Alokla, a professor at the Faculty of Arts at Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech, told the "evening" saying: "The geographic diversity of tourism and the Akspan Eureka climate zone ratings and a strong aesthetic dimension." 
'Eureka area is characterized by the opening by the presence of the waterway, which established the Eurich valley, and overcome slopes with strong slopes, which creates a versatile vegetarian ranging from top to bottom, according to the climate included Region, Vijlq different botanical groups awarded to Eureka important natural qualifications », this wholesaler Professor Alokla sums up the geographical situation of the region« Eureka »located about 34 kilometers from the city of red, which is a step towards a beautiful natural «Siti Fatimah» 
And "Okaamdn." 
Dozens of plant species in the hands of visitors 
And it gives the natural diversity of 'Eureka' beauty and splendor ushers, which also contributes to the ease of access from the magnificent view of Marrakech. The population of the region receives visitors different types of stomach plants for sowing in the tens, which provides for the acquisition of Moroccans from different parts of the country, so that the number of foreign tourists who visit the 'Eureka' for the acquisition Of rare plant species. Diffusion on the roadsides many custom shops for this purpose. And runs through the area known more by 'two Eureka' Valley of the so-called 'Wade Eureka', which is often a haven of visitors to the area of Morocco and foreign, to enjoy under the shade of the olive trees, spreading to Along the Haftih. On the contrary, Mr. Alokla warned of the seriousness of the steep slopes of the foothills of the region, which despite the great tourist importance that allow the rapid flow of floods, which pose a real threat to the population due to The sudden nature that characterized the floods in the winter, which occurred in 1995, when it caused the sewage to gather in the valley of "Eureka" and suddenly came back to life in the death of about 40 people, who were enjoying Of views of the region. That remains the singing song population of the region says "Wade Eurich Aawad Eurich, Shahal Ditty of Malika", that is, how much is flooded of a woman, a Ktherthn sign. This prompted local authorities to strictly avoid construction near the sides of the valley, for fear of repeating the tragedy. 
Mountains attract lovers of climbing sports 
Allow frequent peaks and slopes of the multiplicity and diversity of the surrounding Eureka basins, the possibility of becoming a major tourist attraction, and this contributes to the natural diversity of a varied supply of tourist products. Vqrabha of the mountainous region «Oukaimeden» than the kiss of winter sports lovers, and the peaks surrounding the mountains tempt lovers of alpine climbing sports visited, and areas of superhero lovers fun forest subsidy for Walking and roaming between the months of April and October, more than three tracks form the Eurich area great progress for all of them and these routes by Alokla, professor of geomorphology, are: the path of the " Siti Fatima ", and the road "Amlal-Siti Fatima," and the third route is the "Imlil-Oukaimeden" route, all roads fall into the mind, and the movement of sensations, and captures the heart. 
The adjoining Boorikh requires access to and use of vehicles of the type "for Land Rover" due to the difficult road tract connected to it, which praised the young people of the region said to the "night" saying that "population suffering Real live to get to their homes this Douars ». The most important of these is the douars "Thursday" and "Okhalij" and "Takami Tomazin" 
No need to cover vegetarian 
Visit Eurich and enjoy the picturesque landscape does not cost much, Moroccan tourists or external tin for a total of 250 AED, and outside the city of Marrakech, to discover the treasures of one of the three tourist itineraries, is directed to food and Meals diverse and well understood by popular restaurants, then back to the starting point, determined to the ball rediscover the natural trails of others. 
The vegetation in the Vidrj region from bottom to top, which is a botanical collections, including: Ilex, and Aerar, and Phoenician Aerar, mountain pine. While the population runs on planting some vegetables like potatoes, and most fruits are produced by plum, and shows these goods at the weekly market on Monday. 
This geographical features, cultural diversity and rich vegetation, and the contrast Ackara, which is a large part of it is due to the early geological times, in addition to the fourth 'geological deposits' old geological, constitutes the greatest incentive for the influx Of visitors to the region to enjoy. This region seems more willing today for the development of what is known as "ecotourism", or green tourism in the mountains of the region, which is a type of sustainable tourism that could represent a real component that takes into account the areas Protected areas, and reactivate rural tourism and the development of environmental systems. 


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