Women traveling to Marrakech

There are many questions about women traveling in Morocco, whether traveling alone, with family or with friends. As you know, Morocco is a Muslim country, but a kind of moderate Muslim country. 
What is a moderate Muslim country? Well, a moderate Muslim country means that most people do not want to know what other people do, do or think. People are quite free in religious dogma.

Therefore, women traveling in Marrakesh or Morocco should keep in mind that although things have gone fairly quiet in religious terms, they do not run so well in terms of tradition and customs.Moroccan women generally do not greet strangers with men shaking hands, they do not receive with men kissing. 

As for the dress, it should not show parts of the body. So you can show off your hair, you can wear casual clothes or even pants, but do not show your legs or stomach, or open sweaters on the front and back bare as they are very attractive to men who are not accustomed to women who show a lot of skin. Yes, it seems that the problem with clothing in Muslim countries is a matter of protecting women from the eyes of men. 

Sometimes I see foreign women in Marrakech as if they were on a beach in the south, in the Algarve ... I must say that the mentality of the people who are around is definitely not the same, and it should be avoided at all costs to be seen as a prostitute woman less easy respect or woman.Yes, most Moroccan men think of Western women as a free and easy fuck ... unfortunately. This does not apply to most religious men, as they do not even look at women. 

the women and men in general Moroccans are very kind people. Surely this country is full of good people, smiling, kind and willing to help. This is very good. Although, most men and women have a problem: when a person smiles Westernly, it means that we are happy and an exchange of smiles and eye contact in Europe and Morocco does not mean the same thing.

In Moroccan society when a woman smiles at a man, she wants something from him. The smiles and the glances have a sexual meaning and very strong attraction in the Muslim countries. The looks are powerful and make a Moroccan smile definitely make you think they are anyway to shoot you. I met myself a couple of times with this with friends when they say, "I smiled, that she loves me ...". This is not bad, just different ways they interact with each other. 

If you have the opportunity to visit the home of the local population in Morocco, and if all women wear a headscarf, it is a good way to cover the hair as a sign of respect. There is no need to carry a handkerchief in every game cover only a little head with a handkerchief. Small fact that will leave more comfortable for you and Moroccan family who is receiving. 

In big cities like Casablanca and Rabat, most women dress casually and Western. Other styled cities where they have the old medina, which means that more people follow religion and tradition in their way of life. Thus, in Marrakech, Fez and Meknes the women of the old Medina dress in more traditional clothes. 

So if you want to visit the new district of Gueliz called Marrakech, you can certainly go differently than going to the old medina. In Gueliz you can actually go out at night to a bar and wear your best evening dress! 

A very important issue in Morocco on the smoking of women. Do not smoke in public spaces, as you will be seen as a low-level and low-cost kind of person, both by Moroccan women and men. 

Many women wear clothes in normal western Marrakesh and without veil. It is something that is becoming common in our days in the largest cities. I hope this little post is in no way useful to make your visit to Morocco more interesting and rewarding.


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