What you have to know before you travel

Marrakech: Ten Things To Know Before You Go

Marrakech. In his account, the name of the Moroccan dream of the city. Difficult not to be enchanted by the extraordinary colors of this city called imperial millennium. If it is not complicated to organize a trip to Marrakech (three hours flight, a valid passport, sunscreen and Converse), better know some "tricks" before you go. 

How Much Does A Pair Of Sneakers Cost?

Between 70 and 80 Dh (between 6 and 7 euros). NO MORE. It is found in the souks of Marrakech, countless pairs of sneakers, these leather shoes to dress, sell and buy. If leather work is a very developed art in Morocco, keep in mind that some sneakers come from ... China. 
So: sneakers take stitched (sewn and not glued), and do not be fooled by the seller, which makes the "family price". Haggle, haggle, and do not pay Dh 450 pair of sneakers, although "has big feet" (hear an argument). 

How To Haggle?

Haggling is part of the business. If you want to bring back memories, remember this golden rule: start by halving the price offered by the seller. If, despite his best efforts in terms of negotiation, the latter refused to lower the price, pretend to go. The price must come down, miraculous

How To Eat Diner In Jemaa El Fna Square?

The afternoon, about 18 hours, the Jemaa El Fna Square, epicenter of Marrakech, changes color and occupants. Dozens of food stalls and large attached tables stand in minutes. If you go there, you will be interrupted to enjoy "the best couscous in all of Morocco", "the cheap Marrakech tajine" or "the best fish I have ever eaten." 
Then he is able to distinguish the tourist traps from real good addresses: we recommend the tribune 10 and 14. While the first serves meat dishes before cutting and eating with the hands, the second serves fish. It's fresh, it's good, it's cheap. And the people are friendly. For example, at booth 10, we paid 60 Dh or about 5 euros for meat for two, bread, green mint tea, salad and frie

How Much Advice?

Remember to provide a service. In the restaurant, in general, it is not included in the bill. Leave 10-20% tip. Also, remember to keep some pieces for the person who will offer to take your photo in a tourist spot, the laundry manager, or a riad employee who serves you breakfast. Question of tradition and respect. 

A Riad, What Is It?

The word "riad" abused today covers a little of everything and anything. But the real riad (or "riad", "garden" in Arabic) is like a guest house. A riad less than ten rooms arranged around a courtyard, one of four floors, according to the Arab-Andalusian architecture. This traditional arrangement allows protection against cold and heat. The roof is a garden terrace. It is not uncommon to find a Turkish bath or jacuzzi. The owner is supposed to live there. The riads are located in the medina, namely the old town, as opposed to the modern city. 
In short, riads are not hotels. For those who prefer the less typical (and less charming) solution, better resort to parts of the modern city, 

Why Take A Guided Tour Of Marrakech?

The best way to get to know Marrakech is to make a guided visit for its medina with official guide in Castilian.


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