The Palace Of The Bahia

The sumptuous "de la bella" palace would have been dedicated by the vizier Ahmed ben Moussaa one of his favorites 

The Palace of the Bay is not a historical site like other monuments that populate Marrakech. However, the site is known for its rich architecture. Its construction is recent, from the 19th century, and was inspired by Arab and Andalusian styles. The foundations of the palace appeared in 1880 under the will of vizier Sidi Moussa, head of the Moroccan kingdom.
The latter wanted to build a luxury residence for the pleasure of one of his companions. Then he offered a palace made up of about 160 rooms! Therefore, this would provide an explanation of part of the monument meaning "beautiful palace" ... Around the building, visitors can wander through the courtyards and gardens that were the distraction of its occupants.Anecdote: The period of construction of the Bay Palace (7 years) is the origin of a famous expression of Morocco "Bay is over".
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