Ouzoud Waterfalls ... the irresistible charm

The Best Waterfalls In Morocco

Are considered ouzoud waterfalls one of the most famous waterfalls in Morocco, where the destination of thousands of demand throughout the year Moroccan and foreign tourists for rest and relaxation and enjoy the magic of nature that is not irresistible. 

These are waterfalls in the village (Tanajamilt) located the High Atlas mountains, which belong to the province (Azilal) away from the Moroccan capital of Rabat, about 350 kilometers to the south and a height of about 110 meters, so which rainwater form the state of the top of the natural beauty. 

The word (Ouzoud) in tamazight (olive) Due to the fact that this blessing tree drastically as well as gardens and agricultural Alodaat seasonal fruit pomegranates, figs, almonds, apples, oak and others. 

It is the largest waterfalls in the province, as well as falls (Tamdh) and the area (Sir Bungaz) (Sheikh angle mountain), as well as waterfalls and springs (Ain Asrdon) in (Beni Mellal) near where it had the intention of these waterfalls surrounded by forests of lush natural evergreen pools more Moroccan tourists and foreign tourists memories of mountain, water and vegetation and seeking comfort and tranquility and dreams and romance. 

The director of the Foundation (called Asrdon) for tourism and travel Abdul Aziz Khaddah located in (Beni Mellal) Mahadah of this site, in a statement to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the waterfalls are heavily visited by the foreign tourists, led by tourists from EU countries. 

He emphasized that this site Khaddah active movement of tourism in Morocco, pointing out spectacularly at the same time that it needs a lot of attention and development facilities and Althith structure, such as hotels, entertainment centers and more. 

He pointed out that it contributes significantly to the recovery of mountain tourism in general, and in view of the picturesque natural charm that characterizes the province, in addition to the many sports practiced by tourists in the region Kalagafz parapente in the province (Beni Mellal). 

He also emphasized that foreign tourists buying the region to practice fishing, especially in the (Diane Cascada), as well as a bridge (between Aleodan) natural lakes that exist adjacent to the site, in addition to cycling, mountaineering and skiing. 

For his part, Abdul-Jabbar Kmaz one of the villagers told KUNA that the great participation in the falls (Ouzoud) is also due to the proximity of this natural tourist site of the city of Marrakech frequented by foreign tourists in abundance throughout year. 

He Kmaz the falls (Ouzoud) which is also famous for its mangrove environment offers and the diversity of the vegetation cover are dense birds and unique and different season of shade to its guests in this rural area many means of simple entertainment which highlights the value of the traditions and customs of the ancient Moroccan folk heritage in the center of the country village. 

He said that in the same context as the summer season is a real season where tourism is developed with distinction in this place due to increased demand from visitors to swim in cascading pools and lakes that extend along the estuary . 

He explained that the village still retains many of the power of water management mills from the waterfall from the top that, when they constitute a historical symbol of the region generations inherited from generation to generation, where the work of these traditional windmills Statistics means very primitive grains of grain, especially wheat, barley, maize, agricultural products and other parents. 

On the other hand, said that there is Kmaz this site a lot of monkeys living wildlife in the surrounding forests, where visitors enjoy their existence, adding that local authorities are working in accordance with the national plan of breeding and protection of extinction. 

Called on this occasion to pay more attention to this site from all aspects of the mountain remains a symbol of tourism in the Kingdom of Morocco and a real haven for asylum seekers, comfort, tranquility and recreation


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