Ouzoud Waterfalls

Ouzoud is located in the Kingdom of Morocco, within the region which is known as the province of Azilal, but is located in the northeastern region of the Moroccan city of Marrakech almost fifty percent and almost kilometers, as far as eighty kilometers from the town of Beni Mellal. The increase to the waterfalls of Ouozud to about a hundred and ten kilometers. Ouzoud The falls of the most visited areas is part of this region, and it has increased the attractiveness of its proximity to the mills, green valleys and orchards, the river slave springs, and others. Ouzoud word derived from the Tamazight language, meaning millstone, which depend on water in rotation, and the bottom of the falls is easily accessible, and where it can be accessed through silhouetted olive trees.At the top of the waterfall there are a small group mills are still used for this day, but in the dark you can observe a large number of monkeys, this will be played many events and campaigns that aim to preserve this beautiful environment, this attractive national.

Province Of Azilal

province of Azilal province of Azilal is considered one of the important regions of Morocco, an estimated area of approximately ten thousand square kilometers, and a population of Faisal to almost half a million people. This region comprises two groups Houdreeten, in addition to the rural communes of forty-two years, and within the capitals of the region of Azilal city, which lies in the center of the kingdom almost Morocco, characterized by its continental climate, in general, with the purpose of some coming from the Atlantic Ocean, to seasonal effects, but in the areas adjacent to the Vimtaz air plains A drought and high temperatures in summer and cold in winter.Kingdom of Morocco is a land rich in beautiful and attractive tourist sites, which is full of natural sites and monuments, archaeological and reserves, and other places that attract people from all parts of the earth, and in some natural historical sites in the Kingdom of Morocco lake called name Okelmam Lake of Sidi Ali, lake within the province of Midelt, near the borders of the territory of Ifrane, extends a distance of about five hundred hectares, and its depth is estimated at almost thirty-six meters, this lake above sea level at about two thousand one hundred meters. This lake limits the edge of the mountain called Mount Sidi Ali, whose peak rises about nearly two thousand four hundred meters, which is composed of volcanic rocks with a hard nature. On the other hand, there is a variety of East Lake Forest consisting of tar and other trees, while bordering the overflowing lake of a swamp full of great Baltanzult. 


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