Ourika Valley

Ourika Valley Nestled In the rocky mountains, an exotic journey into the heart of the culture of the Atlas people, whose generosity gives the traveler a load of memories of colors and emotions. 
To get to Setti Fatma, the heart of Ourika Valley,it takes about 2 hours by car to Marrakech (65 km). Take care, during the trip that the temperature descends abruptly. There can be up to 15 ° C difference between Marrakech and the villages of the valley.

What to do in Ourika Valley

Make a small detour to Jemaa d'Rhmat 29 km from Marrakech, guests can enjoy a break visiting the village and its small pretty shops.
Friday is the day of the market, do not miss the souk, very colorful and full of treasures! You can also visit the small mausoleum of Jemaa d'Rhmat. If you choose to continue on the road to Ourika valley You should not miss Tzine Ourika's souk.
To reach the Ourika valley, it branches at kilometer 34 and continues for about 3 km. It is a curious little town where the Souk of Thursday takes place: it is without a doubt the most interesting of the whole region of Marrakech. In the village, go to see the bio-aromatic garden of Ourika and see beautiful specimens of tropical plants.

In The Heart Of The Ourika Valley

eyond the plain of Haouz, really enter the valley of Ourika , the landscape is getting greener, and the air fresher. Enjoy a succession of views to the Village of Ourika, where the kasbah Ourika majestically dominates the valley! Very pleasant walks await you from Khemis, Asguine, Aghbalou, Asgaour and Oulmès. Then Ourika meanders through orchards, gardens and fields. In the spring, the colors of the valley are impressive. Aghbalou is the largest village in the Oued Ourika, a stop is required. Do not miss the brick mosque, the unexpected variation of classical Islamic art. The place is beautiful for a getaway on the river. The road stops completely at Setti Fatma , At an altitude of 1,500 meters. This quiet village is an ideal starting point for many walks in the valley. The most beautiful is, without a doubt, hiking to the seven falls of water. It takes 1 hour to walk back and forth, wear good shoes because the floor can be slippery when it rained. You can also go for a walk on the hills of Setti Fatma, towards the forest. After 2h30 of climb, take advantage of an outdoor lunch under the trees, in front of a picturesque panorama of the valley duars. Beyond Setti Fatma.


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