Information about Essaouira

Essaouira is a city of Morocco overlooking the Atlantic Ocean has a long history, and privileged architectural. the city of Essaouira has seen an important tourist activity in recent years. 

History Of The City

It dates back to the pre - Christmas Valpheniqion made a bridge to dock on the island of Mogador, while they traveled across the sea to Ecuador. Juba II, King of Mauritania Tunjah completed the plant for the manufacture of Abbagat extracted demariscos (in French: The Purple) - one of the types of molluscs - was emitted by the Romans. After it was installed by the Portuguese tombs and sultans. Royal Valvath insertion and the city of Essaouira in the geographical assumption and Altarge is Sultan Sidi upper third bin Abdullah Mohammed, who was entrusted rebuilt in the current edition of the task of Theodore Komud in the year 1760 AD.Essaouira has many seats and Bctavh historical walls of elevation with charm and good. This masterpiece of buildings filled with inconsistent, cultural archaeological legacy of previous generations with modern buildings aims to find out what walls, scaffolds "Sqala LA" huge doors. 
Otbutt archaeological excavations carried out on the island and there are archaeological remains of pottery and Ohforat due to the oldest of the second half of the 7th century BC. Archaeological research has shown that the island ofMogador period of emptiness known between the first and the fifth century BC, but are not ceramic pieces back to the fourth century BC, indicates the existence of trade relations between the island and the rest of the cities of Mauritius Tunjah old Morocco.Amazigh in the kingdom of King Juba II, who knew no matter how prosperous the island as the site is located dye factory to extract purple. Archaeological excavations have shown on the island during the settlement period of Romania to the limits of the fifth century after Christ.


   Tourism is the first sector of the city, especially during the high season (summer, world music festival and Knawy ....). 
Foreign tourism 
Since the first decade of the century and the twentieth, Essaouira is emerging from the shell of isolation, whether the promotion of central or local government policies on investment in the tourism sector, and is reflected in the preparation proper infrastructure of traditional hotels (kindergarten) or modern (unclassified) and high - level restaurants and Altazkiz to attract tourists aspects (water sports), and Essaouira due to its geographical position between two different reality giants in the tourism sector in Morocco (Agadir and Marrakech) Essaouira has taken a prominent place and be part of the world's tourist electrodes. 

Internal tourism 
The city of Essaouira has a great reputation among the cities of the Kingdom of Morocco, especially in the month of Ramadan, due to the temperate climate (compared to Bbakkaka other cities where the month of Ramadan coincides with the summer heat), especially Marrakech, east of Essaouira, for which the heat intensifies during the summer.


 Fishing for the most prestigious and oldest economic activities located in Essaouira, the abundance of fishing is an important factor in attracting modern sea fishing companies on the one hand, and creating opportunities filled with traditional fishermen. 
And Essaouira is famous for everything from sardines (especially the summer break) and mackerel and prawns ......


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