How to get to Marrakech? 

Tourist capital of Morocco, Marrakech attracts many visitors. There are several ways to get there, such as the plane, train, car or bus. Which to choose? 

By Flight

From Madrid, Barcelona, Gerona, Valencia and Seville it is quite possible to take a flight to Morocco arrive at Marrakech - Menara airport. 
From there, there are many ways to get to the center of Marrakech (the medina), Mohammed V - Casablanca International Airport also welcomes travelers from various European cities. Then taxis connect the airport of Marrakech. 

By Train

It is very possible to reach Marrakech by train from Spain. The journey begins with a descent in Algeciras, southern Spain, and then crossing the Strait of Gibraltar to reach Tangier. From the Tangier station, a train will bring travelers to Marrakech. The trip takes place at night, especially from 11pm. Ends in Marrakech next morning at 9am. 

By Car

The more adventurous can reach Marrakech by car. But first, he still has to cross the Strait of Gibraltar. From Tangiers, travel by road to Marrakech ascends 650 km. This is equivalent, in principle, to a day of travel. The advantage of this means of transport is simply the opportunity to admire the villages along the way, the largest of which is Casablanca. 

Take The Bus

If you are coming by bus or car in Marrakech it is the cheapest means of transportation. It also has the merit of encouraging meetings with Morocco and admiring the regions. But the trip can last a long time, while the seats are not necessarily the most comfortable. 


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