City of Essaouira the purple factories

Essaouira Mogador or stay as they were known in the past the wonderful recreation station further south, according to the perception of far away like a white rock floating in the water. More cities Morocco attractive Bhsunha historic castles, is a history of Morocco itself, with due initiation until almost nine centuries, and knew Zhoha second days Juba chosen by the BC a year to evaluate the plant for the manufacture of purple, which both like between the color Romans. 

Mogador and the word is derived from the word Burberry is old Mikdol, namely, the hippocampus that converted it by the Portuguese in the 16th century to Mocadorà, and around the Spaniards in the post of Mogador. Either Essaouira, a modern city whose name means painting or a beautiful image, has been associated with the top Sultan Moulay Mohammed bin Abdullah, which characterized his reign opening up to the outside world and the growing interest in the coasts of Morocco in the Ocean Atlantic to protect the commercial fleet from pirate attacks. Essaouira's current year had already been built in 1765 and quickly became believed to account for 40 percent of trade with Morocco abroad. 

Designing a city a French engineer named Theodore Cornut, but it seems that it is not designed, but the southern half of them, which was in line with neoclassical style, which was controlled at the time of European architecture, while the other buildings of the Moroccan design by Alj Ahmed, whose name is engraved on the port gate. He first started building military fortifications, and cited his defense that most of them were made in Seville and Barcelona. 

When the city fortified civilization, Urbanism began to be widespread, as scientists resided from the village of Fez and others, while moving a number of residents of other cities and groups of different tribes became areas of the city that carries its name, such as cut throat and fierce boats built Antar and fierce Agadir. It was not long before it became the most important port of Essaouira in Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Memory Of Civilization

 province of Essaouira is Firth is surrounded by the sea on three sides, which runs on the coast, with a length of three kilometers. The region, an area of 6,330 km, or 0.9 percent of the country, while the city of Essaouira in continuous expansion due to the great urban development of the city for ten years. The region is generally semi-hilly, rugged in the south, while in the north it consists of a small group of hills interspersed with some of the highest rated hills rising up to 1,400 degrees above sea level. Essaouira was a peninsula, one of its walls rise at the edge of the sea, which makes it with other archaeological sites at risk of collapse, especially since a number of the old plant had collapsed. The cultural and environmental groups have given the voice of alarm to save the exposed exposes today to fade and crumble quickly worrying. 

In October 1991, the first workshop for the restoration of the old part of the city with the participation of UNESCO was launched, and the Ministry of Culture is including Essaouira on the World Heritage List. And present the city now in the hands of the World Heritage Directorate to study it in the light of the report, Dr. Saleh me the World Monuments and Sites Organization Akumus who visited the Essaouira last April expert. The attention of Essaouira did not come from an empty, Vllmedinh paper in the movement of the history of Morocco through the various days through, since it formed Tamokiza and then Mogador from the beginning of the first millennium BC tributary link that operated with the Calfaniqian and Carthaginians Mediterranean and the North Atlantic, the first that simplified influence, Kroman Vandals and Byzantines. Phoenician presence, and what was confirmed by the excavations contributed to the introduction of Morocco to the Mediterranean world.

New Administrative Structures

 Fluctuated situation in the region and has increased its strategic importance of the emergence of political units before Islam, which founded the principality Jaja princes ancient city of Essaouira.Haha and knew the area and Heazema important revival in the Saadia state era, especially during the reign of Moulay Ahmed Mansour, who encouraged the cultivation of sugar cane and built them Masrath. Excavations carried out by Paul Barter in 1948 unveiled the important urban development in the region, both in the irrigation water network or the sugar-leveling machines.However, the historical and political turning point of the city began during the XV and XVI with the Portuguese expansion to this small island. The Portuguese wanted to be a commercial port of Essaouira and solitary, and create the conditions of this transformation mentioned consulates major Western European countries and the United States from Fez to Essaouira, and suppressed the rights over the institutions that carry it. Traders therefore, the city has attracted from various regions of Morocco, also attracted Jews and European traders. One of the results I knew the establishment of the first weather station. 

According to United States envoy Felix Matthews for the period from 1879 to 1881, the port of Essaouira was the main port for all exports and imports of the southern region of Morocco.American ships that take off from the port of Boston or other carriers American products stop in Essaouira, where it receives in return a Moroccan and the African products. Some historical references and see that the Jews were representing 50 percent of the population of Essaouira and were in their writings that they consider their city. In the period between 1875 and 1884 the relations between Jews with the World Association of Israel crystallized, in a moment in Essaouira is going to diminish, which reflects a deterioration of what was happening in Morocco at the moment. 

Due to the development of the peasant Souairi miserable after the drought that has defined the region between 1913 and 1914 tended a large number of them to enlist in the French army. World War I broke out and took a look at France for its colonies of human and economic contribution, and is considered the center of Essaouira, then met the volunteers as they were tested before being moved to Casablanca Europe.


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