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Marrakech un maravilloso destino

Marrakech is a very lively, colorful and historical place like many others in Morocco.But it has a very special aura. Something that was only found and felt in Marrakech. If you ask someone who has visited this Moroccan city we liked, no doubt, the answer will be "walking the streets of the medina, squares, shopping in the souk". There are cities. Where life happens every day, the real life of its inhabitants, most tourist places and monumental buildings, leaves the most lasting memories.
You know, then, very briefly, what you can do in Marrakech: circular streets, being a local. Being from Marrakech for a few days. But this is only the beginning and a small part of the charm. Going through the tracks and especially the narrow streets of the medina will bring you surprises. Many.Turn corners is becoming addictive. Mainly because it is the other part of Marrakech, the monumental. 

In addition to walking and riding a camera in hand, Marrakech offers many places to entertain for at least 3 full days. Enjoy visiting monuments, gardens, museums, palaces, palmar, new city, and much more. 

Walking aimlessly through the streets is just one of the following strategies for the more adventurous. Some people prefer to plan their routes details and decide what to visit in Marrakech so as not to miss any important place. What is a must and unforgivable not to see.


In addition to being a charming and unforgettable place, Marrakech has the great advantage of being geographically well located to know the fantastic area of the south, with its casbahs, canyons, desert with giant dunes. And we can not forget the Atlantic coast, not far away, considering the size of Morocco. 

With Marrakech Airport to be responsible for most international flights arriving in Morocco, this city is the ideal place to be your starting point to discover the "other Morocco" and make the way after Marrakech car hire.
If you prefer to do a tour of Morocco traveling in a jeep with everything organized exclusively for you will have another surprise: the prices are very affordable. Using this method, you can make the most of your time and enjoy the total experience of achieving the most unique places. You will be able to stay in hotels, riads and camps in the desert and oasis with all the amenities. 

Marrakech can, and should, be just the beginning of your exploration of Morocco. Good trip!

Marrakech A Wonderful Destination

It is with great pleasure that we collect some basic information about this wonderful destination. 
Therefore, in a concise and quick way, you get to know a bit more about this city of Morocco. 


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