How to get dressed in Marrakech

Morocco is a moderate Muslim country, which means that devout Muslims go hand in hand with Muslims less devotees. In addition, clothing is not a religious factor, so some women can dress in a more Western style and be more "serious" than women who wear more traditional clothing. So basically, when walking in Marrakech you will notice the women who wear veils and other women walking with their hair to appear.

In the photo above you can see two girls in the district called Gueliz in Marrakech or the new city. 

In the same street Marraquxe you will see the women who use djelaba moroccan and the hijab head, the women who use djelaba morroquí with the hair to appear, the women and girls that dress Western style like for example the jeans. Some women use Muslim religious khaimah.

In Moroccan society when a woman smiles at a man, she wants something from him. The smiles and the glances have a sexual meaning and very strong attraction in the Muslim countries. The looks are powerful and make a Moroccan smile definitely make you think they are anyway to shoot you. I met myself a couple of times with this with friends when they say, "I smiled, that she loves me ...". This is not bad, just different ways they interact with each other. 

If you have the opportunity to visit the home of the local population in Morocco, and if all women wear a headscarf, it is a good way to cover the hair as a sign of respect. There is no need to carry a handkerchief in every game cover only a little head with a handkerchief. Small fact that will leave more comfortable for you and Moroccan family who is receiving. 

In big cities like Casablanca and Rabat, most women dress casually and Western. Other styled cities where they have the old medina, which means that more people follow religion and tradition in their way of life. Thus, in Marrakech, Fez and Meknes the women of the old Medina dress in more traditional clothes. 

So if you want to visit the new district of Gueliz called Marrakech, you can certainly go differently than going to the old medina. In Gueliz you can actually go out at night to a bar and wear your best evening dress! 

A very important issue in Morocco on the smoking of women. Do not smoke in public spaces, as you will be seen as a low-level and low-cost kind of person, both by Moroccan women and men. 

Many women wear clothes in normal western Marrakesh and without veil. It is something that is becoming common in our days in the largest cities. I hope this little post is in no way useful to make your visit to Morocco more interesting and rewarding.

The traditional clothing of women in Morocco is live, long suits, sneakers or shoes, button blouses and veils also called hiyab. Some girls and women wearing only pajamas with a cloak on and only go with it to the street. Yes, it is very common to see women in their pajamas on the streets. For more Moroccan luxury clothing, occasionally you will see takchita also called caftan, but it is used more often in some sort of celebration.
Today in the big cities, clothing and hair there are major problems of life of the Moroccan daily but they are still in the southern areas and the countryside regions in Morocco. Marrakech is a crazy place, a fusion of the West against the East, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, all together. 


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